Friday 29 November 2013

EoFTTC - A new internet solution which bridges the gap between ADSL, EFM and leased lines

The Next Generation Network is almost here with the exciting announcement of our newest internet product, EoFTTC (ethernet over fibre to the cabinet).

EoFTTC is delivered in a similar way to FTTC as is demonstrated in the following diagram;

The product itself gives a guaranteed un-contended and synchronous speed of up to 20Mbp/s, with the option of boosting the download speed to up to 80Mbp/s where the line length supports this. It also comes with a service level agreement.

The other great news is that EoFTTC is going to be widely available with;

  • 1,500 + exchanges enabled for EoFTTC 
  • 45,000 + cabinets enabled for EoFTTC 
  • 17 million homes passed, almost 70% residential coverage 
  • Strategically will follow Openreach rollout
The costs are yet to be announced but given that this product is being pitched somewhere between FTTC and EFM, it is safe to assume that it will be more expensive than £30 per month, but less expensive than £200 per month.

EoFTTC is great news for smaller business who require much faster upload speeds but cannot justify the expense of a leased line delivered on Fibre.

EoFTTC is officially launched on Monday, 2nd December 2013 so watch this space for all the updates.