Tuesday 16 August 2011

Positive feedback part 2

Another client has this to say about CCS Leeds and it makes us very proud;

Having contacted you in a bit of a panic today I thought I should take the time to thank you for the professional yet flexible approach to business.

Its important to me that my systems are highly available and that I can get the support to make sure that this is always the case.

Recently my current rack space provider has suffered from intermittent bandwidth and when I needed access to my servers, they did could not contact key holders!

I had already done the research and chosen CCS as a possible alternative based on web research. However I expected to have to complete many contracts and pay deposits before I would get any near physically installing machines.

Your service today proved the exact opposite. You were courteous, professional and yet tried everything to help make my move fast and simple.

If it had not been for the fact that I could not get access to my servers, we would have moved in today. As it was, the preparation work was not wasted and you found a solution to my latest problem by proxying email until I can install servers in your racks.

I felt that I must thank you for your support today. You reduced stress, made me feel confident and helped my business.

(If you can provide a senior managers email address I will happily send a second copy of this email.)

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Positive feeback

It's always rewarding and nice when a client takes the time to write to you and give you positive feedback on the service you supply. We always do the same when we receive good service. Here is an example of something that came in today via email;


Just a brief note to say a huge “Thank you” to you and your team. I’ve just had a client come to me and say how happy he is as since day one of switching to our telecoms system he has had not ONE problem! This has mainly been the case for all of our tenants, all of whom are very content with the service provided. Running a serviced office this is bliss for us; it’s great to get positive feedback instead of complaints! Well done and thank you. It’s also great that due to the incompetence of XX (well known telco) we are getting even more clients whom we didn’t expect e.g. XXXXX who have just come on board with us even after investing loads when they moved in on their own telecoms package (they moved in just before we started with you guys).

Kind regards

Wednesday 3 August 2011

You're only one person away from........

So, I was sat at my desk and the phone rang. It was Jo, she told me that there was someone on the line who wanted to speak to somebody in technical sales and could she put him through? "Of course" I said, "more than happy to help".

The person at the other end of the line was keen to come and see me to discuss various technical things and also buy an internet router as he needed one in a hurry. As he was calling from a mobile telephone the line was bad so it was difficult to make out his full name or the company name.

Anyway, half an hour later he turned up at our offices in Leeds, I made him a coffee and we retired to the meeting room for a chat whilst the accounts department was raising an invoice for the hardware he was buying from us.

We exchanged business cards and I glanced at his - the company name was familiar to me and his position was Head of IT.

The conversation was of a technical nature, we discussed connectivity, VPN's, VoIP, Asterisk and colocation and generally seemed to get on very well. After 40 minutes or so my guest left and we promised to stay in touch which was nice.

I suppose I'm boring you now so I will cut to the chase - It turns out that out of the blue, the Head of IT for a very large national company owned by the man in the picture (who my guest knows well), decided to call in and pay us a visit. Not only that but we drank coffee and chatted.

Now that doesn't happen every day.

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Ten Reasons You Should Switch to VoIP Phones

Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) is basically technology that allows you to make and receive calls over data networks. Instead of traditional phone services which channel analog signals such as the sound of your voice over copper wires, VoIP converts these sounds to digital form first—so that they can be sliced, diced, packaged, and routed over a digital network.

Because VoIP technology uses the same ideas behind data networking, and allows the use of the same networks used by computers, voice traffic can also be routed through the Internet as well. Suddenly you can now dramatically reduce the cost of voice communications, as well as achieve creative combinations of both services to create new applications for use.

With today’s advancements in technology, and the constant lowering of prices as technology achieves mass adoption, VoIP is now within easy reach for most businesses—even small ones. In fact, many have already made the switch to an all-VoIP infrastructure, using a combination of VoIP phones and VoIP communication systems.
Here are ten reasons why you may want to consider switching to VoIP for your phone and office communication systems:

1. VoIP can allow you to dramatically reduce the cost of communications, especially for interstate or international communications, since everything can go through the Internet instead of having to go through expensive long distance call charges.

2.You can make and receive calls from multiple devices—for instance, on a dedicated phone, your PC via a software-based phone, or even a mobile phone with VoIP capabilities.

3. It’s easier to add extensions to your phone. You can provide a local number or extension for all your staff without additional costs or cabling.

4. VoIP allows companies to maximize investments already made in their network infrastructure. The same network that handles the flow of data such web access and email can now accommodate voice as well—no need to add and maintain additional wires and devices.

5. VoIP allows your employees to be more productive and efficient by giving them the ability to receive and make calls anywhere with a data connection.

6. VoIP reduces the complexity associated with having to manage multiple networks and devices for communication. A company can potentially set up their office network so that each employee can use a single device such as a computer or a smart fixed or mobile phone to handle everything from email, chat, messages, faxes, and more.

7.You can use VoIP as a tool for real-time collaboration along with video conferencing and screen sharing.

8.You can potentially unify your communication channels, streamlining communications and information management—for instance, marrying email with fax and voice in one inbox.

9.You can employ presence technologies that come standard with VoIP phones and VoIP communication systems. This technology can tell colleagues about your presence or give you info on the status and whereabouts of your staff.

10. You can employ intelligence into how your calls are handled, such as: providing automatic call routing based on the number, time of day, etc; providing an interactive voice response when a call comes in, such as voice prompts that guide callers; call reporting; and more.

VoIP is certainly a technology that has come of age. It’s cheap, ubiquitous, and easy to use. Interested? Contact us and we can help you make the switch to VoIP for your business today!

Reproduced with permission, www.techadvisory.org