Tuesday 20 December 2011

Best priced Ethernet in the UK

At CCS we are offering what we believe to be the best bargain ethernet solution in the UK.
We are now offering ethernet solutions for just £199.00 a month for companies signing up for a three year term. We will also offering installation of the ethernet lines for free.

For some time we have been watching the actual costs of the hardware that supports ethernet leased lines declining but no-one in the sector has been prepared to pass those cost savings on to the end user.

At CCS we believe we have set a net benchmark for the ISP sector with the lowest cost ethernet solution - EFM leased lines - on the market for less than £200.00 per month

EFM stands for ethernet First Mile and is a technology for delivering a fast and reliable uncontended internet connections to businesses, available in speeds ranging from 2mb right up to 20mb.

EFM leased lines provide secure and reliable internet access to your company 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with optional back-up solutions in place to ensure your company has constant access and internet break out.

EFM offers a symmetrical speed which means that the download and upload speed is exactly the same as opposed to digital subscriber line (DSL) technology.
Our EFM leased line services are ideal for businesses that require uncontended instant, high-quality internet availability, and are ideal for VOIP services, data and internet traffic for those placing the Internet at the forefront of their business.

EFM Lines deliver dedicated uncontended bandwidth and have the same service level agreement as a leased line up to 100 per cent, a feature not available on other products such as DSL lines.

EFM is a cutting edge technology primarily aimed at those organisations that would benefit from a leased line type service without the associated costs. Unlike a traditional leased line or ethernet line which uses fibre to connect you to your local exchange, EFM uses bundles of copper pairs which results in lower costs and high resilience with a faster installation time.

For more information, or a free consultation on your business connectivity needs, please visit Ethernet First Mile or call 0113 294 66 99

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