Tuesday 18 December 2012

Leeds Colocation News

As we approach the end of 2012, we are pleased to announce that due to a recent upsurge in new colocation business, we have now begun work on phase 3 of our Data Centre build.

Our current Data Centre has plenty of space and when we moved in it was basically an empty shell. We decided to build the Data Centre suites in a modular way, so that we didn't end up with large, empty air conditioned rooms using up unnecessary power. Therefore, initially we created suite 1 as the main power room which houses some rather large UPS batteries, intelligent power distribution and routing to the diesel generator which is housed at the rear of the building. Suite 2 is the first room to house our 20 full height racks, which are a variety of 42U units, some of which contain quarter lockable sections.

Since suite 2 is now almost full, and considering that we have people wanting to move their servers into our Data Centre in early 2013, we have no option but to complete works on suite 3 which can cater for another 30 full racks.

In reality this is not a massive undertaking as we're not starting from scratch again. It is merely an extension of what is already there. The racks are already in position, as are the cooling systems, so all we have to do is run network and power into each of the racks, as well as configure a network switch for each.

These days many applications and IT systems are increasingly going into the 'cloud', and as such the need for high quality Data Centers is on the up and up. Our facilities are based in north Leeds, just off the ring road so we're very accessible and we love to show people around our Data Centre as we're very proud of what we have achieved.

If you have any colocation requirements, and even if you're not from Leeds, why not give us a call to arrange a site tour?

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