Thursday 29 August 2013

We're on TV........

...... well, not quite..... let me explain....

About 18 months ago we were contacted by a TV production company called Left Bank Pictures. They were moving into a temporary location in Leeds and setting up a production office for series 2 of DCI Banks. As such they required some internet and telephones, but only on a temporary basis as the shoot was to last for only 3 months. Most other suppliers they had spoken to were only offering a solution on a minimum 12 months contract term.

However, we were able to provide them with what they wanted, which was an ideal solution and saved them a lot of money.

Just recently they started work on series 3 of DCI Banks and as such, contacted us to request that we reactivate their services. We were more than happy to do this and in less than an hour they were all up and running again with 10 telephones and everyone connected to the internet.

Because everything went so well and without fuss, Left Bank have been kind enough to recommend us to two other production companies who have a similar (if not the same) requirements as Left Bank, and we are now supplying them too.

So we're now supplying internet connections and VoIP telephony to the production teams of 3 new television series, all of which will air in 2014. You might even spot a certain employee from CCS Leeds on the shows if you look closely enough, as he's appearing as an extra.....

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