Wednesday 2 April 2014

Introducing Direct Debit

Here at C.C.S. we are about to introduce Direct Debit as an accepted method of payment. After endless requests from our customers, we are almost ready to start offering the most reliable and trusted instant payment method in the UK. 

The advantages of Direct Debits are, quite possibly, unprecedented and unmatched. Firstly, they are guaranteed, which provides huge peace of mind and reassurance. Your money is protected by some very reliable safe guards, including an immediate money back guarantee from your bank in the event of an error.

Of course, Before your Direct Debit is taken from your account, you will receive a customized invoice, listing all of your products/services, and noting a payment date for the Direct Debit collection. You will also receive an email, three days before the Direct Debit is collected, as a reminder of the collection date.

Direct Debits are also the fastest and most effective way to pay. You can ensure that your payments are made, in full and on time, without any of the hassle that comes with cheques or bank transfers. Even better than that, late payment charges can't possibly be incurred as the payments are automatic! Anything which means payments can't be forgotten or delayed will, undoubtedly, make any life easier.  

Finally, Direct Debits can also save you heaps of time. Here at C.C.S., we understand that all of our customers lives are, more than likely, busy and hectic enough. Direct Debits take away the inconvenience of having to waste time, logging onto your Online Banking or setting up a BAC's transfer.

We hope that our new Direct Debit option can provide our customers with plenty of saved time and peace of mind. 

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