Tuesday 18 October 2011

We've cut the cost of 03 numbers by 50 per cent

We are delighted to announced that we have cut the cost of its 03 numbers - with immediate effect.
The price of CCS’s 03 numbers will decrease from £2.00 per number per month to £1.00 per number per month. The move will bring the per number price for 03 numbers in line with the current 01 and 02 number charge.
03 numbers that CCS currently supplies are 0303 numbers which are for charities, 'not for profit' or government bodies and 0330 numbers which can be used by any organisation or end-user.
The wholesale cost of 03 numbers has reduced and we are passing on the savings straight to you the customer. A large number of organisations such as public bodies and charities along with an increasing amount of businesses have turned to 03 numbers in the UK.
These numbers include the same benefits as other non-geographic numbers such as 0800, 0844, 0845, and 0871 numbers. However, 03 numbers are more attractive as callers are more likely to be able to make free calls to these numbers. Landline and mobile network operators offer free minutes with many packages which include calls made to 03 numbers. The same facility is not available for 08 numbers when calling from a mobile.
In addition to 01/02 geographic numbers and 03 numbers, we can also offer the full range of UK non-geographic numbers including 0845, 0870, 0844, 0871, Freephone (0800 and 0808), premium rate 09, personal numbers (07) and 056 VoIP numbers.
We also has geographic and non-geographic numbers for Ireland, and can offer toll-free numbers in many countries internationally.
To  find  out  more  drop  us  an  email  to Nick.Ryder@ccsleeds.co.uk or  call  on  0113 294 66 99

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