Tuesday 16 August 2011

Positive feedback part 2

Another client has this to say about CCS Leeds and it makes us very proud;

Having contacted you in a bit of a panic today I thought I should take the time to thank you for the professional yet flexible approach to business.

Its important to me that my systems are highly available and that I can get the support to make sure that this is always the case.

Recently my current rack space provider has suffered from intermittent bandwidth and when I needed access to my servers, they did could not contact key holders!

I had already done the research and chosen CCS as a possible alternative based on web research. However I expected to have to complete many contracts and pay deposits before I would get any near physically installing machines.

Your service today proved the exact opposite. You were courteous, professional and yet tried everything to help make my move fast and simple.

If it had not been for the fact that I could not get access to my servers, we would have moved in today. As it was, the preparation work was not wasted and you found a solution to my latest problem by proxying email until I can install servers in your racks.

I felt that I must thank you for your support today. You reduced stress, made me feel confident and helped my business.

(If you can provide a senior managers email address I will happily send a second copy of this email.)

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