Thursday 23 February 2012

Get ready for Olympic web meltdown

Recently we have been warning clients and other businesses that they could lose their internet connections during the Olympics this summer as online traffic rockets.

We believe demand for streaming media and services like the BBC’s iPlayer could mean that some companies will be forced to ration internet access if they are to keep critical internet functions working.

A lot of businesses have still not prepared for the enormous risks presented by the 2012 Games - many companies will be avoiding London this summer because there has been a lot of talk about traffic snarl ups, but there has been little discussion about potential internet traffic problems.
Many companies are encouraging staff to avoid London during the Olympics and work from home but the reality is they may not be able to if they cannot access the internet.

CCS’s warning echoes similar concerns from the Cabinet Office which has issued concerns in its official advice, Preparing your Business For The Games. It says: "It is possible that internet services may be slower during the Games or, in very severe cases, there may be dropouts due to an increased number of people accessing the internet."

Companies need to examine whether their IT systems would be capable of allowing staff to work from home and whether their ISPs have sufficient capacity to deal with the upsurge. Our new data centre in Leeds will be immune to any problems but, nevertheless, we are advising customers, particularly those in the south to take measures now to protect themselves from any outages.

Meanwhile, telecommunications companies are struggling to put new lines in and around the capital before manhole covers and other access point are secured throughout the Games as a precaution against any terrorist activities.

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