Tuesday 31 July 2012

Happy Birthday PowerPoint

On 31st July 1987, Microsoft made the brave and somewhat unusual decision to buy the software rights for a program called PowerPoint, a software application which had been in development since as early as 1984.

PowerPoint was originally intended for Apple Computer’s new Macintosh hardware and indeed, Apple contributed financially to the products initial development. However, Microsoft got wind of this exciting new software and proceeded to negotiate for the rights to it. After lengthy discussions and a number of rejected bids, a deal was finally struck for £14m.

Once the rights had been acquired, it took a further 3 years before the Windows operating system was good enough, or capable of actually running the software, but in 1990, Microsoft launched Windows 3.0. and PowerPoint was one of the key applications which demonstrated the capabilities and thus was used as a selling point for Windows 3.0.

By 1993, Microsoft bundled PowerPoint in with Word and Excel to form the Microsoft ‘Office’ bundle, an attractively priced trio of common applications.

To this day, PowerPoint is one of the most popular software applications and is installed on an estimated one billion computers worldwide.

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