Friday 20 July 2012

Will you be up and running during the Olympics?

Many businesses could face disruption to their internet connections during the Olympics as online traffic rockets. Demand for streaming media and services, like the BBC’s iPlayer, is expected to exert huge pressure on networks when the Games begin in a week’s time.

Here at CCS we can guarantee no interruptions to our customers' connectivity during the Olympic frenzy.

However, a lot of businesses have still not prepared for the enormous risks presented by the Olympics. Some internet service providers (ISPs) are imposing caps and restrictions on customers’ internet use in an effort to reduce pressure and even encouraging them to buy more bandwidth.

Our data centre in Leeds will be immune to any problems but companies need to check that their ISPs have sufficient capacity to deal with the upsurge and take action now to ensure they stay connected throughout the weeks that the Games are on.

The Cabinet Office has issued concerns in its official advice Preparing your Business For The Games. It says: "It is possible that internet services may be slower during the Games or, in very severe cases, there may be dropouts due to an increased number of people accessing the internet."

Since we opened our new data centre in Seacroft following a £150,000 investment in 2011 we can house 4,800 servers which are cooled by an eco-friendly air conditioning system, significantly reducing the company’s energy costs and carbon emissions.

Meanwhile, we are planning to open a second data centre on the Headrow in Leeds, bringing cheaper connectivity to thousands of businesses in the city centre.

If you need any help with connectivity be sure to get in touch...

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