Tuesday 13 November 2012

UK Leased Lines News

It's been a while since out last Blog article on here, and it's not because we have been lazy - oh no, it is because we have been busy in all other area's of our business.

At the start of September we ran a special promotion on UK Leased Lines, which meant that we could supply a full 100Mbp/s fully managed leased line for only £500 per month.

Many of the people who enquired about this were also pleasantly surprised to learn that we were not charging for installation or hardware, and that it was a fully managed service.

As you can imagine, this offer was a runaway success which led to us extending it beyond the end of September and instead, until the end of October.

I have to admit that we were slightly fearful that the new change in pricing would make us less competitive than our rivals, but thankfully this is not the case and we still have some of the best leased line deal in the marketplace,which are all backed up by our excellent service and support reputation.

How does £600 per month for a full 100Mbp/s service sound?

More updates to follow and on a more regular basis on the run up to Christmas. In the meantime why not get in touch in the usual way, or have a look around this Blog and our company website?

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