Wednesday 22 May 2013

Unlimited Downloads on ADSL and FTTC (BT Infinty) Packages

Finally the news you have all been waiting for........

Having a superfast broadband connection is brilliant, or so you would think? Well, it's great unless you have a download limit and many ISP's either charge more for going over the limit, or severely slow down the actual speed so that it becomes virtually unusable.

With speeds of up to 80Mbp/s, it is all to easy to reach the download limits within a matter of days, if not hours, and this is the casue much frustration for many customers.

But we are now delighted to announce that we have both residential and business packages which feature uncapped and unlimited download allowanaces. This means that you need never worry about any additional costs, or having your speed compromised.

The Internet is changing, as is the way we use it. More and more people are starting to use on-line streaming services such as Netflix and the BBC iPlayer, as well as many others which seem to be springing up every other week. As such, people need to be sure that their Internet connection is not going to let them down due to unrealistic restrictions imposed on them by their ISP.

So how much does it cost I hear you ask?

Well, it's not as bad as you might think. For a residential user, the price starts at only £32.99 per month for our super fast FTTC (BT Infinity) unlimited download product (up to 80Mbp/s download and 20Mbp/s upload), and that includes VAT. We can even provide a super fast and pre-configured wireless router for only £45 plus VAT to go with the service.

The business version is £49.99 plus VAT per month and includes a pre-configured wireless router in with the cost

What if we can't get FTTC?

If you need an unlimited download package, and you don't qualify for super fast broadband, then don't worry as we can still provide this option to you on standard broadband. There are 2 further options, LLU and standard ADSL.

The residential ADSL version costs only £23.99 including VAT and for business users it would be £33.99 plus VAT.

For LLU, the unlimited package is either £30 per month with a contention of 5:1, or £60 for a truly un-contended service.

If you have any questions about this great new product then please do not hesitate to give us a call and speak to one of our sales team on 0113 2946699.

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