Thursday 15 May 2014

Super Fast Internet Voucher Scheme Update

It is now just over 2 weeks since we were officially accpeted as being an approved supplier for the Superconnected Cities voucher scheme and we're pleased to say that the orders are now coming and and are being approved.

One thing which we are particulary impressed with is the speed and efficiency in how this happens.

For example, one company contacted us after they had checked their eligibility for the voucher scheme, and found that they did qualify. The process was simple and worked like this;

  • They checked their eligibility at this link and were approved
  • We provided a quotation for the desired service in PDF format
  • They applied for the voucher on-line and uploaded our quotation
  • Within a matter of 6 short hours they and us recieved an email stating that they had been accepted
  • They also recieved a 'what happens next' document which explains the next steps
  • We issued an electronic contract
  • The customer signs and the order then goes into production
So all in all, the whole process took less than 24 hours, and was very straightforward.

If you have been thinking about upgrading your internet connectivity, but have previously been put off by the high installation and run costs, then why not check to see if you're eligibly for the voucher scheme and then get in touch? We're always happy to help.

Telephone - 0113 2946699
email -

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