Wednesday 3 August 2011

You're only one person away from........

So, I was sat at my desk and the phone rang. It was Jo, she told me that there was someone on the line who wanted to speak to somebody in technical sales and could she put him through? "Of course" I said, "more than happy to help".

The person at the other end of the line was keen to come and see me to discuss various technical things and also buy an internet router as he needed one in a hurry. As he was calling from a mobile telephone the line was bad so it was difficult to make out his full name or the company name.

Anyway, half an hour later he turned up at our offices in Leeds, I made him a coffee and we retired to the meeting room for a chat whilst the accounts department was raising an invoice for the hardware he was buying from us.

We exchanged business cards and I glanced at his - the company name was familiar to me and his position was Head of IT.

The conversation was of a technical nature, we discussed connectivity, VPN's, VoIP, Asterisk and colocation and generally seemed to get on very well. After 40 minutes or so my guest left and we promised to stay in touch which was nice.

I suppose I'm boring you now so I will cut to the chase - It turns out that out of the blue, the Head of IT for a very large national company owned by the man in the picture (who my guest knows well), decided to call in and pay us a visit. Not only that but we drank coffee and chatted.

Now that doesn't happen every day.

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