Tuesday 9 August 2011

Positive feeback

It's always rewarding and nice when a client takes the time to write to you and give you positive feedback on the service you supply. We always do the same when we receive good service. Here is an example of something that came in today via email;


Just a brief note to say a huge “Thank you” to you and your team. I’ve just had a client come to me and say how happy he is as since day one of switching to our telecoms system he has had not ONE problem! This has mainly been the case for all of our tenants, all of whom are very content with the service provided. Running a serviced office this is bliss for us; it’s great to get positive feedback instead of complaints! Well done and thank you. It’s also great that due to the incompetence of XX (well known telco) we are getting even more clients whom we didn’t expect e.g. XXXXX who have just come on board with us even after investing loads when they moved in on their own telecoms package (they moved in just before we started with you guys).

Kind regards

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