Wednesday 16 May 2012

Customer Feedback

It's always great when a customer has nice things to say about the service that we provide.

Yesterday we sent out an email to all of our clients who could potentially be affected by our planned network upgrades which are taking place on 1st and 2nd June. The email basically informed our customers about what the work entailed and how it would affect their service. A full copy of the document was reproduced here in our Blog post of yesterday.

We did receive lots of feedback, including this email from Claire Stevenson from Relay Software Ltd in Belfast. Claire says;

"Hi Peter

I’ll be frank, I work in accounts and I have absolutely no idea what this might or might not mean for us – I do like the word resilience though - so I’ve passed it on to our IT Support people as you suggest.

But I just have to say how impressed I am with your customer service and I know our IT dept are pleased with the actual service you provide.  This and your 28th Feb 11 email is a shining beacon of how to keep your customers informed in a muddy mire of the apathy and disinterest so frequently encountered.


Claire Stevenson
HR & Accounts Administrator"

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