Tuesday 29 May 2012

Performance Statistics

Believe it or not, as an ISP with a reputation to maintain, we are constantly monitored by external companies so as to asses our performance and act as a comparison against other IPS’s, which in turn gives potential clients a good guide as to who they should be placing their business with.

These external companies monitor our uptime. What this means is the availability, on the internet, of one of our resources. For example, our own website is held on a server in our data centre. This website is monitored for its availability by a site called Web Host Chat, a premier internet forum for internet service providers. Their availability report as of today, states that we have 100% ‘uptime’ for all of 2012 to date. Here is a screen shot;

Additionally, WebHostingStuff reports that we have 99.99% uptime with a slight blip in March 2012 (actually do to a network upgrade and only for a very short time).

What all of this proves is not only that our website hosting servers are up and available, but that also the external connectivity into our Data Centre is also very resilient, which in turn means that any of our clients who have colocation services can be rest assured that their servers are always available.

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