Friday 11 May 2012

Disaster Recovery / Large Backups

In recent months we have received a lot of enquiries from companies who have a requirement to back up large amounts of data and are looking for an off-site solution, as their traditional tape based systems are either too slow, unreliable or simply can’t handle so much data.

As we all know, it is vitally important to have a reliable data backup so that in the event of a disaster, the data is easily retrievable, and the business can then continue operating as soon as possible.

One new concept that we are keen on is the idea of data mirroring. This can be achieved by having a local backup device, such as a network hard drive array, mirroring it’s data to a similar device which is co-located in a purpose built Data Centre.

The advantage of this is that local data can be accessed quickly from the on-site hardware which is then mirrored periodically to the off-site device using the internet. In the event of a disaster, the data from the external hardware would be an exact replica of the local data and therefore can be restored over the internet, or in some cases the mirrored device would be physically shipped out to the client on a next business day delivery.

We have provided this very same service to a number of our clients already, and it does work extremely well on the right type of hardware so long as it is configured properly. In the past we have used hardware which has been manufactured by a company called Synology. They provide a wide variety of network storage solutions and the software includes the mirroring service along with many other useful features.

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