Thursday 22 March 2012

XBOX LIVE Updates announced

The popular gaming console, the XBOX 360 is getting whole new series of updates due for the XBOX Live service it has been announced recently.

All of these new updates are video streaming services which use the internet to display video content on your television set.

Of the new internet channels, there are popular UK catch up services such as the BBC iPlayer, 4oD, and Demand 5. Additionally YouTube, msn video, Dailymotion and Crackle provide additional video content whilst Muzu.TV and Vevo offer music related video performances.

Finally and perhaps more exciting news is that Netflix and LoveFilm are also available as part of the new service. You can read our review of Netflix here.

This all goes to prove that the way we are keeping ourselves entertained in our own homes is rapidly changing, improving and evolving with the advent of faster and more reliable internet connection. You can read a more in depth article about this here.

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